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Will Nobles

Chief Executive Officer

Will Nobles is an IT entrepreneur and cybersecurity expert with over 25 years of experience. As the CEO of Vector Choice, he has led the company to remarkable growth and success. Will has coached over a thousand MSPs on how to grow their companies and has started Visibility MSP, which focuses on helping MSPs Level Up or Partner Up when it comes to Cyber Security and Compliance. He is a sought-after speaker and author on various IT topics and has helped thousands of MSPs achieve IT success through his coaching and leadership.

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Jon DePerro

Chief Compliance Officer

Jon has 20+ years in security and risk management from serving as Counterintelligence Special Agent in the US Army and supporting national intelligence and US Special Operations communities. For the past 3 years, he's worked with MSPs on security, compliance, and risk management, enabling senior leaders to make informed decisions while protecting critical business functions. Jon also volunteers with VFW, helping companies recruit veterans into IT and other hard-to-fill roles.

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Beau Dickie

Chief Security Officer

Beau draws on 20+ years of security, law enforcement, and incident response experience to protect organizations and their critical functions. He's an expert in physical security, cybercrime investigations, and vulnerability assessments, sought after by courts and boards across the Southeast. As Vector Choice's security lead, Beau delivers enterprise-level solutions at SMB-friendly budgets. He's spent the last 7 years managing security strategies for MSPs and aligning them with business continuity and compliance frameworks.

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Jeff Farr

Chief Technology Officer

Jeff Farr is a respected thought leader with 30+ years of experience in leadership, technology, cybersecurity, and compliance. He has transformed MSPs into profitable investments with accelerated profitability, operational excellence, staff retention, and high customer satisfaction. Farr has worked with Fortune 500 companies in healthcare, oil & gas, finance, hospitality, professional services, real estate, and telecommunications. He's also a contributing author to MSP Success Magazine and an Expert in Residence for TMT.